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You’d think I’d learn not to update OBS before trying to stream. Anyhoo. I “think” the encoding issue is sorted, but for now I’ll hang fire on doing another stream, at least until later. Thanks for persevering with all streamers who struggle when things get borked! <3

Doing that live thing, technically its Tractor Tuesdays, we just happen to be doing Minecraft instead. Come and join us!

Still been hard at work on the next #victorymod. Here is a wizards table you can decorate your labs and dungeons with! #Blockbench #Minecraft

Came to bed at midnight because the puppy is doing better and I’m exhausted, yet here we are almost 2 hours later. Honestly can somebody find me the off switch I want to sleeeeeppppp!

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Hi there! As you can see my site is currently having a major overhaul, please bear with me whilst I crack on with getting things all fixed up 🙂 

Hopefully, soon my gallery and info and other stuff should be back up again.

I also cannot express my thanks enough to Bay-Blade – 10th Level Elementor Wizard and Kaons – Lady with the Power of Voodoo for their help <3 

Lanny x