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Hate being sick with a cold. Right now I’ve still got a tissue stuffed in one nostril and trying to inhale Vicks Vapour Rub in through my other blocked one to no avail. Also I’m hungry. Legit want to get out of bed to raid the cupboard but everything hurts :< #tinyviolinplz

Back on the farm with the Janiest of the Janes! Got your tea? Tractor Tuesdays

Low energy, pain and lack of sleep do not make for fun streams, so “Tractor Tuesdays” is deferred today. Instead, please go hit up @averageviking80 (don’t actually hit him) who will keep you entertained and in the farming mood from about 11am GMT!

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Hi there! As you can see my site is currently having a major overhaul, please bear with me whilst I crack on with getting things all fixed up 🙂 

Hopefully, soon my gallery and info and other stuff should be back up again.

I also cannot express my thanks enough to Bay-Blade – 10th Level Elementor Wizard and Kaons – Lady with the Power of Voodoo for their help <3 

Lanny x