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In the meantime, @averageviking80 is streaming so get your butts over there to give him some love and support!!

Nope. Blue screen of death confirms that we are not actually streaming today after sound devices have been reset, I can’t get back onto the server, and then my computer states quite clearly it’s had enough. Take care in the heat, we will catch you on Tractor Tuesday! xx

Skulking around the back streets of Soror lets magic this lane! Not a fish market in sight or a Porkchop! :3 @CalamityJane_64 Live in 5!
(As soon as I make a cup of tea)

It’s not that we don’t do any actual farming, but yer it usually devolves into tractor fights and shunting. :3 @CalamityJane_64

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Hi there! As you can see my site is currently having a major overhaul, please bear with me whilst I crack on with getting things all fixed up 🙂 

Hopefully, soon my gallery and info and other stuff should be back up again.

I also cannot express my thanks enough to Bay-Blade – 10th Level Elementor Wizard and Kaons – Lady with the Power of Voodoo for their help <3 

Lanny x