Fanfiction & Stories

A variety of fanfic and other stories written over a period of many years, if you venture forth please bear in mind that some of these were written when I was very VERY young and none have had significant amounts of editing! 🙂

All work is either directly copyrighted to me, or is a work of fanfiction and not intended to infringe upon the original copyright owners

Labyrinth Fanfiction

Dreams & Promises

She is dying, can feel her body withering around her. Not that she cares any more, she only wants to know one last thing before she fades away. Was any of it real?

Rated: MA (Mature Adult) Published: 5th June 2005 UPDATED & EDITED MAY 2013 COMPLETE 30 Chapters

Available to read on here –> and Promises by Elandria

Twist of Bitter Fate

A twist of fate and long hidden feelings, love or hate?

Rated: MA (Mature Adult) PUBLISHED: 5th July 2008 COMPLETE October 2014

Available to read on here –> Twist of Bitter Fate by Elandria

Harry Potter Fanficton – Ice Cold

War is looming, Voldemort continues to spread his death eater message across the wizarding world and Harry has left school to search full time for the elusive horcruxes. Death eaters and Phoenix members alike are searching for ways to win the war once and for all, and in a stroke of good or bad luck, Dumbledore presents Professor Snape a problem that might just change the tide, but not without certain sacrifices.

Not canon post Half Blood Prince.

Other Science Fantasy & Fiction Stories

NaNoWriMo 2011 Snowfall

It’s never easy juggling two jobs. Commander of the Kings Guard Calderion knows this all too well, and his ‘other’ job as the Kings Assassin he can’t even tell anybody else about.

Days after he has failed to protect the King from his enemies Cal is summoned before his grieving Queen. Expecting the worst and trying to ignore the rumours flying around the royal court about a warrant for his execution, he is surprised to be told he is to be sent on what might be the most important mission of his life.

Find the princess and restore her to her rightful place, whatever it takes.

Leaving the city in turmoil over the empty throne and the terrifying nightmares being created by dark wielders; Cal sets out on a journey that will take him further than he ever imagined, and into a war that will touch the lives of everyone he knows and meets along the way – all to find a girl who might already be dead, or worse; on the other side of the Crystal Wall.

NaNoWriMo 2012 Unnamed Fantasy

NaNoWriMo 2013 Lamberth Prime

She will stop at nothing to avenge her family even if the consequences destroy everything she’s ever known.

According to the United Commonwealth records, Sasha Val’Robin has no history and no direct family, and if her fate is to be like many other children lost in the system she doesn’t have much of a future either. Removed from social care at the age of 18 and left to fend for herself she has been forgotten, and has spent considerable time making sure she remains forgotten. In the dark underbelly of the nova class planet designated X3-8665 on the UC star maps – named locally as Lamberth Prime; people get forgotten far too easily. That is until Sasha makes an inadvertent discovery that will make being forgotten a dream of the past.