Maplespire was originally created on a 1.10.2 modded server shared with several players who previously played EverQuest Landmark – when SOE was sold and then eventually the game was sunset we had nowhere else to build and so sought refuge on a minecraft world.  This particular server eventually was also closed and using a copy of the world file and the mods list I continued on my own single player, trying to weed out many of the mods which I had no use for.  A slow process! 

Eventually I made the conversion to 1.12.2 which stripped much of the remaining mods as they wouldn’t convert, and took about rebuilding what I had lost.

Skip forward a few more years and I was back to the conversion process for 1.15.2 for fortunately Conquest Reforged – the principle mod had finally been updated. Again I was left with little choice except to strip out the last of the mods including Chisels & Bits in order to salvage what I could – using mods on a server is always risky business!

Here we are in 2022 on a successfully updated 1.16.5 server, Maplespire is back to her (mostly) former glory 🙂

Azuris Castle

Azuris Castle is based off and inspired by the beautiful castles designed and built for the “Dream King” Ludwig II of Bravaria – specifically the fabled Burg Falkenstien which only ruins remain today – unlike its fellow Neuschwanstein.  Falkenstien was carefully crafted into a fairytale castle sculpture by the Lenox Company – the images of which were referenced to create my minecraft version.